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What     do     I   need   to   do   to   prepare    for    a    treatment?

It is recommended that prior to your laser hair removal treatment that you stay out of the sun. If you have a tan, it is best to wait until after your tan has faded to begin treatment because the laser picks up on pigment. You should avoid plucking, waxing or electrolysis prior to treatment, but you may shave.


How    many    treatments    are   usually   required    for    laser    hair    removal?

Results of treatment will vary for each individual and some individuals may not respond at all. Various authorities differ on the number of treatments required on average, but one reputable source, the Mayo Clinic, states that best results may require four to six treatments spaced several weeks apart. The Mayo clinic also notes that maintenance treatments may be required.


Are    the    results    of    laser   hair   removal   permanent?

Laser hair removal generally will slow hair growth, but permanent hair removal is not guaranteed. Some individuals may also benefit from periodic maintenance treatments.


Does    the   laser   work   on   all   skin    types?

Yes. Lasers work on all skin types with the use of different handle attachments for different skin types.


Are   there    any    risks    associated    with   laser    hair   removal?

Every individual will have different responses to treatment. One of the most common side effects is temporary skin irritation, which can include crusting or scabbing. Another common side effect is the lightening or darkening of the skin, which is usually temporary. Although not common, there may be blistering, scarring or changes in the texture of the skin. Information on other potential side effects will be provided to you prior to treatment.


Are   laser    treatments   painful?

The laser light does produce heat so you will likely feel a sensation during treatment, but the amount of discomfort varies based on the individual. In general it's not painful- our Fotona laser has a cooling gel that dissipate the discomfort. An individual’s reaction will depend in part on their skin type, the thickness and density of the hair being treated, the area of the body being treated and the individual’s sensitivity to pain.


What    do    I    need   to   do    after    treatments?

There is generally no downtime required after treatment. However, it is advised after treatment to stay out of the sun and always wear sunscreen when your skin is exposed


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